About Shallow Bog

Shallow Bog is the production studio of composer Bryan Fusilier. The Bog creates unique music for film, TV, Video Game and Documentaries. We love to create music that paints a mood. Take a moment to listen to what we do and, if you feel that we can create something interesting together, by all means let’s talk about it.

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Some recent clients:

The Learning Channel has used two of ShallowBog’s tracks in their show, “Housebound: trapped inside”

Independent game company Vanguard, partners with EA for the release of “Gatling Gears“, a twinstick shooter for PSN, XBLA & PC. (Steam). Shallow Bog’s “Look, Up in the Sky”, is used for the complete GG menu and as a Victory song when you completed an area/level.

The Discovery Health network’s NICU is a 10-episode docu-drama series goes behind the scenes of top national neonatal intensive care (NICU) units, showing the day-to-day care required to sustain the smallest of lives. Shallow Bog’s “Haunting” appears in five of the ten episodes.